CKC History

CKC History

The Columbia Kennel Club (CKC) was established in 1935 in Columbia, SC, and is a member of the (AKC) American Kennel Club. CKC promotes the welfare and enjoyment of AKC registered dogs and participation in AKC pure-bred dog events.

Serving our community has always been paramount for CKC. In 1989, CKC members actively worked to help South Carolina pets and their owners in the turmoil that was Hurricane Hugo. Members coordinated assistance efforts with the Red Cross, dog food companies, South Carolina Animal Care & Control Assoc., the American Kennel Club; the Greater Columbia Obedience Club, the SC Veterinarians Assoc., and other state and nationwide dog clubs and relief organizations.

CKC holds one all-breed dog show each year.

The Club’s first AKC approved all-breed dog show was held October 30, 1935, in Columbia’s Township Auditorium. The show catalog’s price was $ .25 and had an entry of 207 dogs with 34 breeds represented. The first dog to win a Best In Show was a male English Setter.

In addition to the one year show events, the Columbia Kennel Club has also hosted health clinics, educational seminars, weekly handling classes, matches, and other events for many years. CKC hosted one of the first all-breed “training matches” that was held for the specific purpose of teaching prospective AKC judges.

CKC members and their dogs have achieved recognition in the sport of confirmation. Along the years, members have become AKC licensed judges; some have been professional handlers or agents. Many members are reputable breeders who take great care to preserve and protect their breed standard. Dogs from CKC have been exhibited at Westminster and Eukanuba and have even been awarded Best In Show.

The deep commitment and sincere love of dogs of all breeds – from the tiny to the tall, from the fluffy to the short-coat, from sporting to toy, from working to herding – is what drives regular folks to join together in this club.

Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at the The Lourie Center (Previously the Capitol Senior Center) 1650 Park Circle Columbia, SC 29201

Consider yourself invited!