April 17, 2018

Field Trials

Pointing dogs are unique individuals who by nature are both independent thinkers and team players. They hunt with courage and high spirit, searching for upland game birds in all types of cover and in all kinds of weather. They often range well out from their handlers in their quest, yet they keep in tune and respond to their human’s commands. A pointing dog must have a good nose to find scent and the intelligence to use the wind; it must also have the fortitude to search the terrain and cover that birds prefer. Once game is located, they point with great intensity, focused on the bird with muscles taut. It is an awe-inspiring sight! The well-trained bird dog stands steady, waiting for its handler to arrive. When the handler flushes the bird, he or she fires a gun; the dog holds point until the handler signals that it is time for the team resume the hunt. There are numerous pointing breeds with varied hunting styles which means that for every type of upland bird hunter there is a suitable breed. The AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials for pointing breeds give owners a chance to showcase their dogs’ abilities.
April 17, 2018


AKC’s Herding Program offers both tests and trials. The herding test is offered in a non-competitive pass/fail format as an Instinct Test, Herding Test and Pre-Trial test. All are conducted within a fenced arena and includes the use of livestock such as ducks, sheep or cattle. During a test, a dog must demonstrate the ability to move and control livestock by fetching or driving and be sufficiently trained to work at the proper balance point to move the stock forward on the course. Herding Trials are competitive and dogs are scored on their herding abilities according to test level, course type and livestock type. There are three test levels – started, intermediate, advanced. There are three courses to choose from A,B,C with each course type focusing on various aspects of herding work such as versatility, control and movement of stock in an extended area, or tending to the flock in an unfenced area such a road or in grazing flock management. Throughout all field trials the teamwork between handler/shepherd and dog is essential.
April 17, 2018


You work hard to teach your dog good manners. There’s one area, though, where you probably won’t have much success: Asking him to “mind his own business and stop being so nosey!” It won’t work because his keen sense of smell – which is 100,000 times stronger than humans – makes him naturally “nosey.” That strong sense of smell is the reason why dogs are well suited for emergency search-and-rescue work. So what do you do with your ever-nosey dog? Get him involved in an AKC Tracking event where he can sniff and smell to his heart’s content and demonstrate his natural ability to recognize and follow a scent. It’s a perfect way for you and your dog to enjoy many hours together, outside in the fresh air, honing his natural abilities.
April 23, 2018

Speedway Classic Carolina – Reserve Grooming

Category All-Breed Dog Shows Date March 28, 2019 – April 29, 2019 Venue Cabarrus Arena & Events Center – 4751 Old Airport Rd, Concord NC 28025, United States Speedway Classic of the Carolinas 4 All-Breed Show, 4 Obedience 4 Rally Trial & 4 Agility Trials One Location- One Weekend COLUMBIA KENNEL CLUB, INC. Thursday & Friday, March 28-29, 2019 GREATER MONROE KENNEL CLUB, INC. Saturday & Sunday, March 30-April 31, 2019 Cabarrus Arena & Events Center 751 NC Hwy, 49 North Concord, NC 28025