Columbia Kennel Club Contributes to Disaster Relief Assistance in South Carolina

April 13, 2018

Columbia Kennel Club Contributes to Disaster Relief Assistance in South Carolina

Columbia Kennel Club Contributes to Disaster Relief Assistance in South Carolina

Serving our community has always been paramount for the Columbia Kennel Club.  In 1989, Columbia Kennel Club members actively worked to help South Carolina pets and their owners in the turmoil that was Hurricane Hugo. Members coordinated assistance efforts with the Red Cross, dog food companies, South Carolina Animal Care & Control Assoc., the American Kennel Club; the Greater Columbia Obedience Club, the SC Veterinarians Assoc., and other state and nationwide dog clubs and relief organizations.

The Columbia Kennel Club has again stepped up to assist in disaster relief.  They have donated $39,000 to purchase two disaster trailers for care and medical assistance to pets during a disaster in the State of South Carolina.  One trailer will be kept at the Colleton County Animal Shelter and Environmental Control and one will be located at the Orangeburg County Animal Control and Shelter.  With the addition of these two trailers to the existing Greenville trailer the State has coverage in the upcountry, midlands and low country areas.

The AKC Reunite Program supplying the trailers for pet disaster relief asks for organizations to donate what they can toward purchase of the units.  The Columbia Kennel Club has donated the entire cost for both trailers to add to the assistance of animal care in the State.  We love our animals and we know how much they mean to us.  If we can take the worry about pets away from families during a disaster they can concentrate on quickly getting back into their homes and recovering with family and pets intact.

The trailers will deliver essential items for sheltering pets and provide animal care services during the first critical hours following a disaster, before FEMA and other support is deployed.

Trailers are stocked to create safe temporary homes for animals after a disaster is declared.  Volunteers will try to reunite animals with owners during and after the disaster.  Each trailer will be wired to run off either a generator of 110v power supply and will include the following supplies:

  • Administrative Supplies – log books, volunteer registration forms, wrist/collar bands
  • Maintenance Equipment – batteries, gas cans, duct tape
  • Animal Care Items – cates, small animal carriers, litter, bowl, collars, leashes, microchips and scanners
  • Equipment – Fans, generator lighting, hoses
  • Cleaning Supplies -mops, trash cans, tarps, litter boxes, disinfectants
  • Access to training material – turnkey implementation of co-located shelters and pop-up reunion centers, volunteer mobilization, decontamination and replenishment

The Columbia Kennel Club was started in 1935 and promotes responsible dog ownership.  “We know what animals mean to their families and hope that our donation to well-equipped and stocked disaster trailers will help reunite pets and families after disaster strikes,” stated Richie Wiggers, President Columbia Kennel Club.

The Columbia Kennel Club would like to challenge other South Carolina Kennel Clubs to match our donations and add more counties to the list of Reunite covered areas within the state.   The more counties with trailers, the more pets are kept safe when disaster strikes.

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